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The Kallitype

The Kallitype 
Saturday, March 29-Sunday, March 30, 2014:

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The Kallitype is an iron-silver process patented in 1889. Taken from the Greek word "kalli," which translates as "beautiful," this process can produce prints that vary from sepia, to brown, to a warm black. Similar to the Vandyke in its use of an iron component, it is a different process and can at times be confused with a platinum/palladium print.     
Though there are no prerequisites, this is an intense two-day workshop in which participants will learn about materials handling, paper coating with the Kallitype solution, exposing the paper in contact with a negative, and processing of the Kallitype print. Participants will also be introduced to the process of making digital negatives, though the majority of the workshop will be spent printing.

Non-members: $275 
Members: $245 
Course Enrollment: 4-8
Instructor: Jessica Somers  (

Chris Huestis
PhotoSynthesis, LLC

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