Thursday, November 3, 2011

two workshops

Ben Willmore!

Photography & Photoshop: A Creative Fusion
December 7-11, 2011

Learn to think about Photoshop while in the field shooting so that you capture the essential raw material for optimal digital enhancement. This is a very creative workshop that will leave you with a new arsenal of digital techniques.

Marc Muench
Big Waves! From Los Osos to Big Sur!
December 1-4, 2011

You will learn to control the look and feel of moving water shots. Become a master with the tools for the job. We will start in Los Osos and then treck up the coast, stay a night in San Simeon and photograph the beauty of Big Sur and then end in Morro Bay and back in Los Osos for a review and enhance with new Photoshop techniques.

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